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Community Built

Our non-profit that encourages and supports family heirloom restoration and helps to get stalled projects moving. 

RodRides Community

We are a community that has a passion for cool vehicles and the real people and stories that are keeping our culture alive.

RodRides Community

RodRides is a community that centers on preserving our history on main streets, roads, and in garages and workshops throughout your community.  Our goal is to build connections that continue to keep tradition alive and thriving through experiences that are hand-built and real.

Not only do we share and connect the community we love, we also have a non-profit foundation to help continue the tradition among the generations.


The International Ratical Rod Build off Drive Off

This event is owned and run by Bryan Dagel and has some of the most creative and astounding builders today in the car world. The event gives builders 9 months to take a rendering to a real life vehicle to drive 1400 miles cross-country to SEMA. Tim Prokop, the executive producer of the acclaimed Fantomworks, has followed them tirelessy  working on the series Ratical.

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RodRides Community Built

A 501c3 non-profit that helps families complete restorations of some of the greatest heirloom of all.

 What I have found is that the enjoyment of a project is not in the end. The exciting part is laying in bed at night and dreaming and thinking about it…It was exciting when they’d have to problem-solve and fix it, not when they got to finish it, not when they got done with it. 

RodRides Community Built


Our project named “Opa” arose out from a Grandpa, Mel Lee Ellenwood, with Stage 4 cancer (aka Opa) eager to see his grandson learn craftsmanship and mechanics. Our RodRides Community Built ’35 Chevy Truck was in his barn and when he decided to sell his truck to RodRides, we jumped at the chance.

We took the opportunity to sit down with Mel and get to know the amazing man behind our current RodRides Community Built project.

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This project is funded by community support, sponsorships, and donations.



RodRides Community Built embraces the history, culture, and craftsmanship of cars, people, and their stories. We continue the tradition among the generations.

Our mission is to bring together multi-generational communities to complete heirloom car builds that are important for families. 

We believe in the restoration and preservation of our history, trades, skills, and craftsmanship. 

We provide hands-on educational and mentoring opportunities for youth and various community activities for adults and seniors that are funded through community support and donations. 





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