Safety Sasses® developed the Girl with Grit™ to feature women that live our lifestyle. However, not only do we feature REAL women, we also have some fabulous and gritty Poster Girls too.

Miss Amelia Avis

This poster girl is inspired by the reigning Queen of female led aviation, Amelia Earhart. Our Amelia just has less mystery surrounding her.















Miss Wanda Winging It

Wanda Winging It is inspired by TWO Wandas that can both drop a torpedo of grit on you.

Wanda #1:

The stunt woman that first bought the original art, Wanda Golderg.

Wanda #2:

The definition of grit, Miss Wanda Jackson.

Miss Toolbelt Tina

Tina is known for her love of tools. She is often underestimated in her skillset using them because of how undeniably fancy she looks.

Miss Winnie Wrench

When it comes to Plumbing and Mechanics, Winnie’s Mama taught her how to spin her own wrenches.


Miss Driver Daisy

Miss Driving Daisy booted him outta the driver’s seat and ran away to the mountains. She now lives in a tiny house on the side of a mountain with her dog, Bud. 

Miss Artsy Ann

Artsy Ann is hardworking artist and art teacher. You can read about the REAL LIFE Ann here.

Meet the REAL Girl with Grit™ – strong women share why their lifestyle requires Safety Sasses®.

Our founder and inventor was caught in a tragic world of function versus fashion. Tired of choosing sawdust in her eye or her unfashionable safety glasses, she decided she had to make the world a better place and combine the forces of her love of being fashionable and fancy with being crafty and dirty. Then the grand idea of Safety Sasses® bloomed.