Safety Sasses™ provide useful eye protection for DIY Projects, Home Improvement, Arts and Crafts, Restoration Work, Healthcare, Cosmetology, Lightweight Shop Work, General PPE, and more.

The girls and women of Safety Sasses™ show you projects in which they choose eye protection, from painting to learning to work a drill and more.

Real young ladies and women wearing patent pending Safety Sasses™ for various  uses. Here are a few popular ones!

Lightweight Soldering
For small soldering jobs, you should always be wearing Safety Sasses™, ladies!

Salvage and Restoration Work
…all that beautiful chippy paint, all that dust and dirt. You need Safety Sasses™!

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Add a pair of Safety Sasses™ to your mask for extra protection in everyday settings. (Teaching a class here)

Lightweight automotive work
…is it really ever lightweight?!

…protect those eyes when you are flinging paint like Jackson Pollock. Artists use many tools beyond paint that require eye protection. Safety Sasses™!

Floor Removal
Carpet, linoleum, tile, you name it. Not having Safety Sasses™ for these jobs is a big mistake. Eyes are prone to irritation from these jobs, in particular.

Lightweight Power Tools
…dust-free visions.

Long walks in the rain
No need to get rain in your eyes anymore and Safety Sasses™ add a dramatic flair.

This woman has an amazing eye when it comes to her vintage shop collection. As she works hard on restoring her beautiful finds She’s gotta protect those keen eyes with Safety Sasses™.

Pulling apart fibers always lends for a lot of small particles and eye irritants in the air.

Eye injuries happen lots in light household handywoman projects. Next time you go hang up a shelf, remember your Safety Sasses™.

Our favorite jewelry maker, Summer Joy always protects her eyes in the studio with Safety Sasses™.

Dramatic Play for children. After all, Einstein says “play is the highest form of research.”

All that hard work and manual labor, well, you can now at least feel cute doing it.

Humor will get you through a lot of hard things in life and Safety Sasses™ will too.