Mission Statement

We Heart Art Collective, LLC is a different type of art program. It’s a multi-faceted program geared towards growing individuality and self-expression through the creative process. We understand that art instruction is not one-dimensional. It requires many layers in order to grow as an artist.

We choose to surround our students with many experiences in media all while enhancing their imagination and vision in their individual work. We don’t seek for students to all come out with the same piece, we seek for them to all learn the same technique, but their imagination guide them along the way.

Not all students desire to draw, not all students desire to take photographs. Because of this we provide students with a variety of options in areas and media throughout the arts.

We also try to enhance practical artistic trades amongst our students. We teach practical trades like graphic art, photography, sculptural processes, digital lab, and more. Our goal is to expand students in areas where they can use a trade to enhance their future employment or entry to college.

Our goal at We Heart Art Collective, LLC is to grow, guide, and mentor creative people to find their place in the visual art world.

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