Girl with Grit Fundraiser

April 3rd, 2021


RodRides, Hot Rod Garage, and Soda Pops has partnered with the AgriCultural Museum to help raise funds for the Girl with Grit Program and give the people of Boerne, TX the coolest tour of our town possible.

Think of this event as a horse and carriage ride, but you just get to ride in the best cars and trucks around. Yes, that’s right, you will no longer need to admire sweet rides from a distance at a car show. At this event, you can actually pay to get in them and cruise.


What you can expect:

Cars and trucks will take you on a tour of what makes Boerne, Boerne. Drivers will take a route through our town and you can expect to spend 30 minutes crusing the streets all while learning fun facts, history, and supporting the nonprofit, Girl with Grit Program.

Funds from this event will benefit the Girl with Grit Program. Did we mention these girls have their elbows deep in rebuilding a ’35 Chevy Truck?


Register to Drive

Are you a driver of a classic car or truck that wants to support the nonprofit Girl with Grit Program? Think of this opportunity as a way to show your ride, share some stories, and help raise funds for this amazing program. Read more about Girl with Grit.

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