Safety Sasses® is a lifestyle brand for girls and women that require functional and fashionable workwear. We developed Girl with Grit™ to feature women that live by our lifestyle in their Safety Sasses®. Our mission is to support EVERY girl and woman that shows us what grit means to them.

Ashley Robertson, ToyMakerz Assistant
ToyMakerz – History Channel

Ashley Robertson is an incredible inspiration for all girls and women. She has worked incredibly hard to be where she is at. She currently works as the assistant at ToyMakerz. Not only does ToyMakerz complete amazing builds, the process is aired on their show on History Channel.

Melissa Jesurun, Horse Extraordinaire
Melissa Jesurun Performance Horses

My name is Melissa Jesurun. I’ve loved horses since birth. I watched my mom run several businesses when I was young. So, when I graduated from college, starting my own business training, coaching, and showing professionally didn’t take a second thought. The job is hard and the days are long but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Most days I ride at least 4 horses and teach anywhere from 2 to 10 students. I teach boys, girls, men, women, all ages and all walks of life. I learn a lot from them and I hope they learn a lot from me – including my personal mantra that girls are not to be underestimated. I can back up a horse, stock, or boat trailer as well as anyone I know. Need a knife? I keep one in my pocket. Need help unloading hay bales or bags of grain? I’m on it. Want to try and out rope me on the dummy? Or out shoot me at the gun range? You’re on! I know my younger students are watching. And I hope that for all the grit they see, they see an equal amount of class and professionalism.

Nora, Shop Girl
Boss Hog Torque Converters

Nora is endorsed by patent pending Safety Sasses® as on official and authentic Girl with Grit™. She does incredible stuff working at Boss Hog Torque Converters. We highly suggest visiting their page to see what this incredible girl is doing. 

Summer Joy, Silversmithing Queen
Summer Joy Silver

True confession…I was dragged kicking and screaming into doing silver jewelry. Like the solder-together-make-stunning-jewelry kind of jewelry. I’ve always been interested in the arts, but it was never on my radar. Fifteen years ago, I started my sojourn in corporate america. I met the status quo, showed up when I needed to, took my two measly weeks vacation every year, and did what I was told with very little of my own creative input. I was safe, but it was stifling. During those years, I had the chance to travel extensively, run a marathon, and survive a stroke. All of it changed my perspective of life.

The economic bubble burst in 2009, and I was laid off from the “safe job” – just in time to be able to drop everything and move to my parents place and take care of my dad during the last three years of his life. Beautiful years spent in a beautiful place…”Paradise Valley,” they called it. I wouldn’t trade that time for anything.

The challenge came when I moved back to the Texas Hill Country after a long multi-year sabbatical. Restless, always seeking something different and with meaning, choking on analytical non-creative jobs, wondering why I wasn’t satisfied. My mom came along and said, “Your aunt is paying for this class, and you’re going to take it.” While my mom and I rarely butt heads over anything, I wasn’t exactly thrilled about going to this class in this city multiple hours away. How would I use this? Feeling like I was wasting my time, I showed up to the class, and I haven’t stopped.

Yes, I can admit when I am wrong!! I’m now in the prime of my life. Every moment is precious, every moment is a gift. I have the chance to utilize my creativity in the jewelry I create, I get to provide treasured, meaningful gifts of value, and I get to stretch my analytical side with the business aspect of it all. 


Ann Asher, Artist and Teacher

Ann spends hours doing art daily. Not only is she a very active studio, she also runs the recreational art program for We Heart Art Collective in Boerne, TX. She will be attending UTSA in Fall of 2021 and wants to be an art teacher.

Safety Sasses® are the only patent pending impact resistant eyewear that are designed not only to be stylish and sassy, but also safe and functional. They protect those pretty peepers while keeping your eyes wrapped in style. Come on girl, put some sass in your safety glass. 

Safety Sasses®- Kateyes

UV 400 rating, impact rated, polycarbonate, blue filter lens

Comes with hardshell case and microfiber cleaning cloth.

Safety Sasses®- Get to the Point!

 UV 400 rating, impact rated, polycarbonate

Comes with hardshell case and microfiber cleaning cloth.

Our founder and inventor was caught in a tragic world of function versus fashion. Tired of choosing sawdust in her eye or her unfashionable safety glasses, she decided she had to make the world a better place and combine the forces of her love of being fashionable and fancy with being crafty and dirty. Then the grand idea of Safety Sasses® bloomed. 

Girl with Grit™ has formed into showing the women we created this brand for.