Driver Registration Terms and Conditions
(By registering as a driver, you agree to the following terms and conditions)

We VALUE your participation in our fundraising event and ask a few things:

  • We encourage tipping of our drivers, we do ask that you keep these tips to help cover your fuel and time. 
  • For the safety of our drivers and passengers, we ask that if you are on streets, vehicles are registered and street legal, and that you follow all traffic laws and abide by speed limits.
  • Passengers, patrons, or participants will sign liability waivers and disclaimers and a code of conduct prior to entering your vehicle. The event coordinator will forward all forms to you by email. We ask that if you have any specific requests of passengers in your vehicle, to notify us and we will make them clear prior to scheduling their ride. Our goal is for our drivers to feel comfortable and enjoy this experience as much as the passenger.
  • We ask that drivers be respectful of all patrons, participants, passengers, event coordinators, and fellow drivers in this event. If for any reason, you opt to deny service, a ride, or terminate a ride or remove a passenger, we ask that you notify the event coordinator prior.
  • All passengers are required to have one legal guardian in their group to ride in your vehicle.
  • Because old vehicles can be unpredictable, we ask that you follow the designated route and agree to download google maps on your mobile device and allow the event coordinator access your GPS during the event. This is so we can know your whereabouts if you are to breakdown and can send help. Additionally, since we are operating on bookings of your vehicles, we can know your estimated time of arrival back to the hub.
  • On the day of the event, we ask that you do not consume anything that can impact your ability to operate a car safely prior to the event.
  • Please come prepared with your vehicle fueled up for your route. We ask that vehicles and drivers be prepared to  operate for a two hour time slot. Each ride will last approximately 25 minutes and the driver will have a 10 minute break before passengers.
  • If you are participating in an event where a passenger is allowed to operate your vehicle. We will provide you with a copy of their Driver’s License and Insurance Card.

Driver Release and Waiver:

This agreement releases RodRides LLC, Soda Pops, Hot Rod Garage, AgriCultural Museum, Girl with Grit Program, and all owners, partners, event coordinators, and business entities from all liability relating to injuries that may occur on location or within a vehicle operated in this event. All patrons will sign disclaimers and waivers releasing the businesses, partners, owners, and any affiliates  and drivers from liability. Patrons, participants, riders are responsible for any monetary suits or costs if they cause any damages to a vehicle. Drivers will have records of all patrons, participants, and riders in their vehicles in the event of any damages. I understand that both drivers and patrons are required to abide by state laws and event rules and that I may refuse service to a patron, participant, or passenger in my vehicle after notifying the event coordinator. Drivers operating in this event are independent contractors. Drivers agree to follow all traffic laws and abide by speed limits and agree not to knowingly put any patron, participant, or rider in danger. If for any reason they need to terminate the ride, they will contact the event coordinator and ensure alternate transportation has been dispatched for that patron, participant, or passenger prior. Drivers agree to follow only the designated route and enable GPS tracking on their mobile device for the event coordinator only during their operation as a driver only during the event. Drivers are responsible for any damages they cause to the vehicle they are operating and agree to bring suit personally to the responsible party in the event of accidents, injuries, and damages. By checking the box below, I agree to hold RodRides LLC, Soda Pops, Hot Rod Garage, AgriCultural Museum, Girl with Grit Program, and all owners, partners, event coordinators and business entities entirely free from any liability, including financial responsibility for injuries, illness, and damage incurred, regardless of whether injuries, illness, or damages are caused by negligence. I swear that I am participating voluntarily, and that all risk has been made clear to me. I understand that there is a code of conduct for drivers, participants, and passengers. If participants or passengers are in violation of that code, I will ensure event organizer has been contacted prior to termination of ride and they have arranged alternative transportation. By checking below, I forfeit all right to bring a suit against RodRides LLC, Soda Pops, Hot Rod Garage, AgriCultural Museum, Girl with Grit Program, and all owners, partners, and for any reason, in return, my vehicle will receive participation in this event, I will ask for clarification when needed. Masking by local ordinances is recommended, it’s not required. I agree to work independently with my passengers in creating a comfortable and safe environment. I understand the CDC recommends masks, social distancing, and staying home to mitigate transmissions of viruses. As a driver, I agree that on the day of the event to not consume any alcohol, medication, or substances that can impair my ability to drive or operate heavy machinery. Please note that photographs, filming, and media might be utilized for advertising amongst various means. By participating in this event, you agree to release images of you and your vehicle to RodRides LLC, Soda Pops, Hot Rod Garage, AgriCultural Museum, Girl with Grit Program, and all owners, partners, event coordinators, and business entities.