We are a fancy and functional lifestyle brand for the “Girl with Grit”. Ladies, it’s time that someone designed eye protection with us in mind.

Safety Sasses™ Lightweights are the only patent pending (patent 29754201) impact resistant sassy eyewear that are designed not to just be stylish and sassy, but also functional and safe. They are made with a more substantial lens and frame size with ANSI z87 material standards in mind to pass the ball drop test in impact situations. However, they are not suitable for high impact sports or industrial/heavy OSHA regulated standards.  

Come on girl, put some sass in your safety glass!

Safety Sasses™ Featherweights
Our model Kateyes, is designed for light applications such as arts and crafts, light sanding and DIY projects, and other household projects.

Safety Sasses™ Lightweights
Designed for lightweight duty. They are suitable for arts and crafts, yard work, some home improvement projects, DIY projects, workshop environments, light mechanic duty, and more.


Safety Sasses™ Heavyweights
Our patent pending Safety Sasses™ Heavyweights have improved protection for heavier industrial use. They provide side protection, made from top-notch impact resistant technology.

Safety Sasses™ are workwear for the stylish woman. They are intended to function to protect your eyes in a variety of working environments, whether professional or hobbyist but still look fancy.

Currently, our brand is only sold through direct sales or through independent retail locations.

If your retail establishment is interested in carrying Safety Sasses™. Please contact us: info@safetysasses.com for wholesale orders.

Currently we taking presale for wholesale orders. Contact us: info@safetysasses.com for more information.

Our founder and inventor was caught in a tragic world of function versus fashion. Tired of choosing sawdust in her eye or her unfashionable safety glasses, she decided she had to make the world a better place and combine the forces of her love of being fashionable and fancy with being crafty and dirty. Then the grand idea of Safety Sasses™ bloomed. 

Our founder went through 2 years of rigourous tests of her Safety Sasses™ prototype. Her passion and dedication was intense.

By 2020, she was ready to show her trademarked and patent pending Safety Sasses™ to the world.

Our founder and inventor went through a list of tests and trials to ensure your eyes would always be safe and sassy with Safety Sasses™. You can buy Safety Sasses™ knowing that they have been worn safely through the following things.



Home Improvement Jobs

Television Appearances

Tricycle Rides

Automotive work on her ’35 Chevy


Restoration Work



Birthday Parties

Frustration with a project that was supposed to be “quick and easy”.

Ripping out carpet and linoleum

Safety Sasses™ goals in design were to be safe and sassy all at the same.

Safety Sasses™ Features:

  • Impact Resistant to ANSI z87 standards
  • UV 400 Rating
  • Comes with hardshell case and cleaning cloth.

Safety Sasses™ were designed with three main goals in mind.

  • Functional
  • Fashionable
  • Ugly


Two Sizes