Why pay to show your ride when you get paid to show your ride? We have your backside.

Rod Rides is looking for unique rides anything from old to just fun to just adventurous to join our RodShare program. We have currently launch in Texas and trust us, this is going to be a sweet deal. You can get connected with people that will pay to ride in your car, schedule it for events, and more.

With no sign-up fees, zero obligation to participate, damage protection, and 100% control over your schedule, prices, and requirements, you can’t go wrong to join the growing network of people sharing your passion.

Best part? You are in complete control of whether or not you even want to take a job. You can just sign-up and see, with zero obiligation to participate. You call all the shots.

You can also schedule a member of the Rod Rides team to come take a professional photograph of your rod that you get to keep. I mean that’s a pretty sweet deal, we suggest you sign up. For more information you can contact info@rodrides.com or just suck it up and sign up now.

P.S. If you refer 5 people to our RodShare program and they sign up, we’ll mail you a shirt. Refer people now.



-No sign-up fee! Zero obligation!

-Choose your own schedule, prices, and requirements.

-Get a free professional photo of your rod.

-Refer 5 friends that sign-up and get a shirt.

P.S. We also won’t sell your information. 


A Company You Can Trust

We are part of the car community and realize that not only have you invested money into your ride, you have always poured your blood, sweat, and tears making your dream ride.  With RodRides, you are in full control of your availability, prices, car rules, and how you choose to interact with others.

No Sign-up Fees

Share any reliable rod with your community without any hidden sign-up charges.

Free Ride Appraisals

We are here to help you pick your pricing based on our vehicle formula tables. 

Connect For Free

Connect with other car lovers with zero obligation to participate in anything but sharing your story.


Earn income from showing your ride, learn more about Rideshare program in the Texas Region. No hidden sign-up fees, no obligations, no gimmicks.