Story of Vehicle

Any idea how many high school kids you can get in/on a Model A Coupe?
My T went to college with me and chugged up and down the hills at SWTSU in San Marcos.  A couple of us drove it to Austin one afternoon and harassed the hippies on 6th St and UT campus.
One summer Saturday night I got bored at home so I loaded my dog in the T and drove to Quihi for the weekly dance!
The T that in in the pictures I sent I bought in ’13 if I remember correctly. It was mostly restored but I did have to rebuild the rear end.
My 1st T was handed down to my son who took it to A&M his final semester.  It still resides in my barn but has not been started since he graduated in ’13 but it will rise again!
My dad bought/sold/traded T s when he was in high school,,,,said he went thru about 15 cars then.

Vehicle Info

1922 Model T
Passengers: 1 
Street Legal

Rides in this vehicle are available April 3rd for the Girl with Grit Fundraiser. 100% of proceeds are returned to the nonprofit. We encourage tipping of your driver to help them cover fuel and time.

Driven by Mike Coyne

A super cool crazy dude who’s in school to be a nurse practitioner; currently I work in labor / delivery where I’m sure I can entertain you with stories of screams and yells of expectant mothers … love my job … it’s fun!

Cruise with Mike April 3rd, 2021

Bidding to learn to drive this vehicle is available in the Girl with Grit Valentine’s Auction. The winning bidder will learn from Mike Coyne.

Mike will join us April 3rd, 2021 to help raise funds for the Girl with Grit Program. Join him as a passenger for a 25 minute cruise of Boerne, TX. Rides cost $25 and all proceeds will benefit the nonprofit, Girl with Grit Program.

Drop off and Pick up located at the AgriCultural Museum in Boerne, TX.

102 City Park Rd, Boerne, TX 78006

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